how Elderberry partners with organisations 

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Project partnership are about improving the lives of people. 

They start with a conversation to fully understand the real challenge or opportunity. Once we are clear on the problem statement, we can define the project scope and design the best approach together.  

Our approaches are based around a combination of user research, systems thinking and design. With use these to gain insight into people's un-met needs and create the services and experiences people are looking for.  

Depending on the nature of the partnership, the outcome might be a strategic framework and implementation plan to improve an existing service. We work with partners to implement the plans.

It could also be an innovative opportunity platform that forms the basis of entirely new service that we develop and deliver in a strategic partnership with you. This could be done through the creation of a new entity or consortia to bring the opportunity to life. 

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Workshops expose the opportunities of ageing and longevity for your organisation. 

We design and facilitate bespoke workshops in which we help leaders understand the strategic opportunities of ageing and longevity for your business. Workshop participants can expect to gain rich insights into:

  • the trends of ageing and longevity and global innovative responses
  • the changing expectations of older people
  • the disruptive nature of ageing and longevity on business
  • the strategic opportunities for creating targeted products and services
  • the risks of in-action




Keynotes are a source of perspective, insight and inspiration.

When bringing together leaders for a conference or strategic event, it makes sense to
ask the big picture questions.

With our keynotes we explore ageing and longevity trends and how these are disrupting the way we work, educate and live. We will inspire a sense of possibility about how we can respond to ageing and longevity in ways that provide both business and social benefit. 


the way we work

bespoke Multi-generational teams

We assemble a bespoke team of strategists and designers to tackle the complex problems and opportunities with our partners.  We draw on our community of young people (Berries) and an older people (Elders) to get the right skills, experience and wisdom required for the project. 

This means we can bring together unique cross generational perspectives and diversity of though and skills to address the issues associated with ageing and longevity. In this way we build empathy and resilience into the problem solving process.