Our matching service introduces Berries to Elders
offering mentoring or other specific services,
such as book keeping, legal or advisory.  



Connect with elders and berries to build meaningful networks and relationships collaborate, learn and enhance entrepreneurial ventures.


Register as a Berry

Berries are women with entrepreneurial spirit. They may be employed, starting a business or are already running a business and want to collaborate with others to increase their success.

Berries recognise that tapping into the experience, knowledge and wisdom of Elders, brings value for themselves and their venture.

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Register as an Elder

Elders are mature age business people seeking alternatives to employment. Elderberry gives them a place to market and use their experience, knowledge and wisdom and collaborate with others.

Elders are paid to share what they know and collaborate with others on new and meaningful careers, businesses and ventures.


How it works

Register as a Berry or an Elder. 

We review requests from Berries and look for Elders who can help based on experience, knowledge, personality and ways of working.

We check Elder interest and availability, and then we present possible options to Berries for consideration.

When a Berry wants to go ahead and work with an Elder, we arrange the paperwork. The Berry makes the payment and starts working with their Elder.

As a Berry, you hire and pay an Elder as a mentor or to provide specific experience or skill. It will help you with your business, venture or own professional development.

As an Elder, you offer to be a mentor or to provide specific support or services based on your knowledge, experience and wisdom. You charge a fee and get paid when a Berry buys your service.


What it costs

This is a pay-as-you-go service.

Elders are paid for their service by the Berry and from this, we take a fee to cover finding the match, making the introduction, processing payments and providing support tools and networks.

Our fee is only charged when two people agree to work together and depends on the value of the engagement.

That’s it. It’s simple. There are no other fees.