Elderberry designs alternative futures for ageing, longevity and a multigenerational society.


we do this in two ways:



We partner with organisations to help them innovate and grow in the context of ageing, longevity and a multi-generational society. This includes developing and implementing innovative and human-centred strategies for:

work and income

  • mature age and multi-generational employment
  • phased retirement and flexible work
  • alumni engagement and participation

home and housing

  • ageing in place
  • intergenerational living
  • connectivity and access


We want to build a community of young and old change makers to understand our shared and evolving needs for the future, and help shift out-dated perspectives about age and ageing.

The challenges of an ageing society, requires intergenerational solutions, to be designed
by young and old together.

By  providing a platform for intergenerational conversation, storytelling and exploration we hope
to engender a mutual understand of the challenges and opportunities, affecting both young and old. 

The current project we are exploring is an intergenerational mentoring service.



global populations are ageing and people are living much longer


Our purpose is to create alternatives that meet our changing human needs as we age and live longer in the 21st Century.


In a time when our societal composition and structure is changing so significantly thanks to ageing and longevity, the products and services of the past will not satisfy the needs and expectations of the modern day 60, 70, 80 or 100 year old. 

older Australians are changing what it means to age in this modern era

There are significant opportunities to create alternative products and services that are better suited to people as we age in the 21st Century. Babyboomers, who represent the next generation of older Australians, are re-defining ageing. They are a large, growing market that are not just the most wealthy older generation in history, they are also the most decisive about what they want. They want products and services that match their individuality, sense of youth and lifestyle. 

Organisations who understand their wants and needs will benefit from this massive market and benefit society in providing meaningful products, services and experiences for people.

We bring together multi-generational teams to understand and co-design the alternative models. We apply customer and user research, systems thinking and experience design to co-create 21st Century solutions for how we might:

  • work and participate meaningfully for as long we want
  • live affordably and with social connection in older age
  • ensure financial security while providing choice
  • enable long term health and well-being

You can read more about our stance and how we think about this in our manifesto.


storytelling at TEDx

Elderberry Founder Inge van der Poel spoke at TEDxSouthBank  about the value of wisdom, the opportunity to rethink our notion of retirement, and the need for alternatives that give older people opportunities to participate in meaningful work. 

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