Inge van der Poel

Inge is Elderberry's founder. She is a big picture thinker with a passion for re-imagining ageing and how we live in an time of longevity.  

She draws on 15 years of experience in sustainability, trends research, service design, and consulting and leadership, to solve complex problems. She is known for bringing unique, critical and positive perspectives to co-create alternative futures.  

Having personally experienced the value of elders and mentors throughout her life, she wants to bringing together multiple generations to create new responsive models that will enrich people's lives, and benefit business and society.

Suzie Graham

Suzie is an Elderberry Collaborator, which means she works with us on projects and she is also a wise Mentor.

Suzie is committed to social justice and helping to light the spark of realisation that each of us can do and achieve anything we are able to envisage. And some things we cannot. 

Her specialities include innovative and strategic enterprise vision, strategic communications and digital marketing, business development, building teams, simplifying and integrating business processes, philanthropy (new school and traditional), and recognising and leveraging social trends to create shared value initiatives. Joining the dots.

Suzie 2015.jpg

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