We are growing a community of people who want to help create alternative futures for people to live bold, energetic and dignified lives, regardless of age.

We bring multiple generations together at events to learn about the needs and concerns of both young and old and where we should be focusing our attention when considering alternative futures in the context of ageing and longevity.

project - intergenerational mentoring

We are currently exploring the opportunity to create a service that helps young and older mentors and mentees find and connect with each other. We refer to this as intergenerational mentoring, which is when older mentors work with young mentees, and vice versa, when young mentors work with older mentees. 

We are running a survey to gather the perspectives of as many mentors and mentees as possible so that we can design a great service experience!

We'd love it if you could participate. Please click here to get started. Thank you!














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You can also join our meetup group where we explore and discuss the implications of ageing, longevity and a multi-generational society.

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